Cloud adoption

Is it profitable for your business to host all your technologies in-house, or use third party services such as AWS or Microsoft Office 365? We analyse the needs of your business to evaluate the best solutions for private or public cloud adaptations. To do this, we will determine how your business uses IT solutions and offer one, or a combination of these three methods that work best for you.

We are here to help your company migrate seamlessly to the cloud; be it storage solutions on-site, private, or public networks. Let us help you adapt to the future of business technologies.

Infrastructure as a Service 

Platform as a Service

Software as a Service

We will recommend, design and implement an IT infrastructure to create an optimised framework of cloud solutions specifically designed for your business processes.

IaaS often dramatically reduces operational costs, increases task processing speed and offers optimal adaption to your business.

Your current infrastructure could benefit from specific cloud components to optimise workflow; scaling components up and down as your business adapts. 

This approach offers a simple, yet cost-effective development of software applications specifically for your business; without the hassle of maintaining hardware and software on-site.    

After analysing your business needs we may offer cloud application services by third-party vendors. Typical examples are Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, GoogleApps, Concur, etc.

SaaS eliminates then need to download and install applications on the individual computer as it uses an internet browser for access. This is great for short-term projects, start-ups or applications that need web and mobile access.

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